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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Various - Southern Blues Roots Of Rock N' Roll vol. 11

A1 –John Lee Hooker Grievin' Blues
A2 –John Lee Hooker Lowdown Midnight Boogie
A3 –John Lee Hooker Landing Blues
A4 –John Lee Hooker Twister Blues
A5 –John Lee Hooker Shady Grove Blues
A6 –John Lee Hooker Goin' Home Blues
A7 –John Lee Hooker Like A Woman
B1 –Little Boy Fuller Bed Spring Blues
B2 –Little Boy Fuller Pack It Up And Go
B3 –Little Boy Fuller Blood Red River Blues
B4 –Little Boy Fuller Down-Hearted Man
B5 –Ralph Willis Goin' To Virginia
B6 –Ralph Willis Boar Hog Blues
B7 –Ralph Willis Eloise
B8 –Ralph Willis I've Been A Fool
C1 –Billy Tate Ooh Ooh Baby
C2 –Billy Tate Cryin' In The Mornin'
C3 –Billy Tate No Money
C4 –George Stevenson Meet Me At Grandma's Joint
C5 –George Stevenson Teasin' Tan
C6 –Earl King Have You Gone Crazy
C7 –Earl King Beggin' At Your Mercy
C8 –Little Eddie Hallelujah
D1 –Billy Wright Everyone Goes When The Wagon Comes
D2 –Billy Wright Keep Your Hands On Your Heart
D3 –Billy Wright Mercy, Mercy
D4 –Billy Wright Stacked Deck
D5 –Billy Wright Mean Old Wine
D6 –Billy Wright Hey, Little Girl
D7 –Billy Wright You Satisfy
D8 –Billy Wright Turn Your Lamp Down Low

KansasJoe post:


Nappyrags said...

Oh no! Another reminder of my long lost vinyl collection...Thanks for this

Bob Mac said...

thanks Xyros.

muddyw123 said...

Nice compi!