Monday, May 10, 2021

Butch Cage - Raise a Rukus Tonight (re-post)

A1 –Butch Cage, Willie Thomas   Mean Old Frisco
A2 –Robert 'Pete' Williams  Black Cat Bone
A3 –Clarence Edwards   Awful Blue
A4 –Willie Thomas, Butch Cage   If I Had My Way
A5 –Charles Henderson She Was A Woman Didn't Mean No Man No Good
A6 –Clarence Edwards     Come On Baby, Don't You Want To Go
A7 –Butch Cage, Willie Thomas    Tomorrow Gonna Be My Trying Day
A8 –Willie Thomas, Butch Cage    Raise A Ruckus Tonight
B1 –Willie Thomas, Butch Cage    Let Your Light Shine On Me
B2 –Charles Henderson Rock Island Blues
B3 –Clarence Edwards     I Got A Coal Black Mare
B4 –Charles Henderson Corrine, Corrina
B5 –Willie Thomas, Butch Cage   I Shall Not Be Moved
B6 –Robert 'Pete' Williams    Hoodoo Blues
B7 –Clarence Edwards      Can't Stand To Be Your Dog
B8 –Butch Cage, Willie Thomas  I Take The Blues When It Rains

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Thanks go to Marc at the New Blues Years Blog and Daba for passing on the file.


Gerard Herzhaft said...

As soon as I've posted my request, here it is... Thanks a lot, Xyros

Marineband said...

Thank you looks interesting.

unitstructure said...

I like the cover and the sentiment.

Anonymous said...

This is great stuff; many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Flyright and so on! Here is a new request for reup from Jorma!
Thanks in advance.

daba said...

This was from you or Marc.:)
Cage, Butch - 1960-61 Raise A Rukus Tonight (Flyright 545) FLAC.7z

Xyros said...

This one is from Marc, mine was an old mp3 rip. Happy to get the upgrade.