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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Various - "Stomp "Em Down" Piano Blues 1927 -1937 (re-post)

A1 –James "Boodle It" Wiggins* Keep A Knockin' An You Can't Get In (1)
A2 –James "Boodle It" Wiggins* Evil Woman Blues
A3 –Bob Call 31 Blues
A4 –Raymond Barrow Walking Blues
A5 –"Spider" Carter Dry Spell Blues
A6 –Ell-Zee Floyd Snow Bound And Blue
A7 –John Oscar Dyin' Mother Blues
A8 –John Oscar Whoopee Mama Blues
B1 –George Noble If You Lose Your Good Gal, Don't Mess With Mine
B2 –Pinetop Burks Aggravatin' Mama Blues
B3 –Pinetop Burks Sundown Blues
B4 –Joe Pullum C W A Blues
B5 –Joe Pullum Cows. See That Train Comin'
B6 –Robert Cooper (9) West Dallas Drag
B7 –Walter (Cowboy) Washington Ice Pick Mama
B8 –Walter (Cowboy) Washington West Dallas Woman



boogieman said...

Hi Xyros,

"... Martin van Olderen.. a great blues lover ..." May he rest in peace, I reckon a great blues lover he was, , but in a very "Dutch" way. He was not too good at paying royalties to the artists he compiled and who were still alive. I remember a concert somewhere in the grey and cold Belgian countryside, one of those obscure "blues and folk" clubs in the middle of nowhere, with an attendance of 10 people or less ... Piano Red it was, if I remember well. He flew in a tantrum when one of my friends asked him to sign his Oldie Blues album. "What the F***, what's that F*** album, never authorised it etc".Pretty embarrassing for my friend, probably one of the very few in an already tiny audience who'd ever heard of Piano Red ...

boogieman said...

When I wrote "He flew in a tantrum ..." I was referring to Old Red, not MvO.


Xyros said...

That's a side of MvO that I didn't know about. But it fits into the way the blues were reissued on lp at the time by the smaller labels. Still on the bright side alot of artists reached a broader public thru the unlicend releases and got to tour Europe.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks!

soulpapa said...

Looks interesting! Thanks!

Harry said...

The first LP on the Oldie Blues Label was probably Pete Johnson - Master Of Blues And Boogie Woogie 1904-1967. I have it.

Xyros said...

Nice LP Harry. If feel like sharing it you can always post a link in the comments.