Saturday, February 3, 2024

Various - New Orleans Popeye Party (Repost, Upgrade)

1 –Eddie Bo Check Mr. Popeye
2 –Wallace Johnson Private Eye
3 –Joe Barry Little Jewel Of The Vieux Carre
4 –Joe Barry Little Papoose
5 –The Medallions Why Do You Look At Me?
6 –Frankie Ford You Talk Too Much
7 –Willie Tee Always Accused
8 –Jimmy Jules Talk About You
9 –Jimmy Jules Take It Like It Comes
10 –Al Reed Sorry 'Bout That
11 –Joe And Ann Runnin' And Foolin'
12 –Ernie K-Doe Popeye Joe
13 –Blazer Boy That's Where It's At
14 –Big Boy Myles She's So Fine
15 –Tommy Ridgley The Girl From Kooka Monga
16 –Alex Spearman Mama Ka Toka Laka Poo Poo Ya
17 –James Easterling* You Think You're Smart
18 –Joe Valentine Sweeter Than Sugar
19 –Betty Taylor I'm Goin' Home
20 –Lee Tillman Tarzan
21 –Huey Smith Popeye
22 –Berna Dean Little Willie
23 –Barbara George Whip-O-Will




pmac said...

Nice comp! Like the last one, a ton of NO artists that are completely unknown. And,another Matthews' cartoon for the cover. Thanks, Xyros. Will help me get through another rainy day in NO, but it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

Xyros said...

@ pmac, the last 2 comps in the series will be coming in the next couple of weeks and that will then be end of them.
Looking at CNN I see that NO has managed to stay safe but it could get worse inland when the rain starts. I'd freak out if my home had a chance of getting flooded or blown away every couple of years. Don't know how you do it.

pmac said...

We did dodge a big one. No one was fearing the winds this time. But the river levels were historically high this time of year, due to all of the weather that had hit the MidWest and ultimately came down the river. I live 4 blocks from the river, so my derriere was puckering.
Its not easy living here. But, the payoff is that we walk to fantastic bars, restaurants, and music clubs, and all of us long time residents bond together in a survivor mode type of existence. After I lost everything in Katrina, I tried, briefly, to live somewhere else. But, the siren song of NO called me back home.
Once again, many thanks for the Bo posts, and for everything else that you do for us on the blog. It does not go unappreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great compilation!

Rev. bIGhIG said...

Any chance for a re-up?
I'd appreciate it.

snakeboy said...

Very nice. Thanks for posting.

Rev. bIGhIG said...

Got it!

rntcj said...


Thanx for this one. Re-up from 2019? Some "new" artists = "new" hears here.

Ciao! For now.

Hugh T. said...

I enjoy these comps and love the fact that the Popeye dance was apparently popular enough that it inspired so many songs. I don't think this comp even exhausts all of 'em. But what is surprising to me is that I cannot find a single good video on YouTube of someone actually doing the dance so we could see what it looks like. If anyone could point me in the right direction . . .

Thanks for the music!

Hugh T.

Brush&Stick said...

Many thanks for this great series of NOLA music!