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Monday, September 16, 2019

Savoy Roots Of Rock 'n' Roll Volume 1 - 15

Jorge Chicelero requested the Savoy series of Lp's/cd's "The Roots Of Rock 'n' Roll". So I thought what the hell, let's try and fill the complete series together. Discogs lists 15 volumes, some have already been posted and I still have a couple to rip. Let's see if we can get it together.

The Roots Of Rock'N Roll Vol. 1 Flac CD
The Roots Of Rock & Roll, Vol. 1 mp3 2LP
Have No Fear, Big Joe Turner Is Here (Comp)  Vol. 2   incl. full scan
The Ravens The Greatest Group Of Them All Vol. 3 mp3 1978
Johnny Otis Show The Original Johnny Otis Show ‎ Vol. 4 mp3 2LP    SCANS
Ladies Sing The Blues (Comp)  2 versions Vol. 5
Honkers & Screamers: Roots Of Rock 'N' Roll Vol. 6 mp3 2LP SCANS
Sam Price And The Rock Band Rib Joint Vol. 7 mp3 CD or FLAC
The Vocal Group Album - Roots Of Rock 'N' Roll Vol. 8 incl. scans
The Shouters ‎(2xLP, Comp) mp3 Vol. 9
The Original Johnny Otis Show Volume II ‎ mp3 Vol. 10
Southern Blues (Roots Of Rock 'N' Roll ‎ mp3 Vol. 11
Ladies Sing The Blues - Volume 2 Vol. 12
Big Maybelle - Roots Of R'n' R, Blues And Early Soul, VBR Vol. 13 
Billy Wright Goin' Down Slow Vol. 14 incl. full scan
The Ravens Old Man River Vol. 15 mp3 CD

Thanks go to Chris for CD vol. 1, Be Bop Wino for vol. 3, KansasJoe vol. 9,11
N.N for 2LP Vol. 1, 4, 6, 10, Jeff for vol. 7, boogiewoody for vol. 7, 8,15
Ones marked in bright green are missing


BobCat said...

Thanks to all for posting!

N. N. said...

The above link to Vol. 1 is to a later version released on CD that includes only half of the tracks (16 out of 32). Here is a link to the original double LP version of Vol. 1 with all 32 tracks included.

And here are three other volumes:

Vol. 4 (Johnny Otis)
Vol. 6 (Honkers & Screamers)
Vol. 10 (Johnny Otis Vol. 2)

These are not my own rips, so the covers are incomplete. Some of the scans are rather small, and all the inside covers are also missing, except for Vol. 10. If anyone can provide better scans of the covers, I would be grateful.

RootBear said...

Thanks for the memories.

boogiewoody said...

Sammy Price - Rib Joint (FLAC):

The Ravens - Old Man River (MP3 320 kbps):

Both are CD versions. Rib Joint isn't my rip - I downloaded it many years ago and can't remember from where. There's a picture of a pomegranate in the folder which might be a clue as to the original uploader.

Old Man River is my rip. Sound quality is a bit muddy but that is from the CD.

Both downloads include CD artwork plus I've added LP artwork from Discogs. CD tracklists are identical to LP tracklists.

I can probably help with a few more of the LPs ...


Xyros said...

A huge thank you goes to everyone for helping out so far and we are almost there. I'll get around to adding mp3/flac to the titles soon and if complete scans are needed.

boogiewoody said...

Hi Xyros

Thanks for transferring my comment to the correct place! I've had a look at the downloads for Original Johnny Otis Show Vol.2 and Honkers & Screamers, and I confess that the terrible scans are mine. These are from 2007 when I had just started ripping LPs and couldn't work out how to scan complete covers. That's the way they appeared on the original Be Bop Wino blog all those years ago. The Doug Dobells label on Johnny Otis Vol. 2 brought back memories!

I'll get to work on new scans for these LPs.I also have The Vocal Group Album (Roots of Rock 'n' Roll Volume 8)but I haven't ripped it or scanned it. I'll get to work on that too and probably post it on my own blog first from where you can help yourself and add it to the project here.

I'm grateful to all the uploaders of the volumes in this series. These were hard to find back in the day. Notice that there are various editions of the LPs - original USA and various European, usually German distributed by Ariola / RCA.


Xyros said...

@ boogiewoody, all your help is greatly appreciated. I remember also the problems of scanning in 4 parts and stitching them together with adobe. What a hassle it was. Now using an A3 scanner and new adobe and life is much easier. Don't forget to download the full scans of Vol. 4.

Xyros said...

Big Maybelle vol. 13 is a compiled version of the LP taken from the 2CD (VBR) Big Maybelle - Savoy Blues Legends Candy! from 2001. Covers are from Discogs but need replacing

Nappyrags said...

Thanks to Boogieeewoody for the Sammy Price in FLAC no less...I want to see how it compares to the Jasmine release of "Rockin' The Joint" and Mickey Bakers "The Wildest" on El Segundo...thanks again

boogiewoody said...

Hi Xyros

Improved scans for the Honkers & Screamers 2LP set are here for you to include in the constantly updated album list:!RV92DaIb!BS8wsRknWpcjqueOErRyfeK4oYTbrhzplGn_NKq1Ph8

I'm still using an A4 scanner and freeware - Photofiltre and Image Composite Editor by Microsoft. No fancy A3 scanners here! I'm strictly old school.

I posted 4 2LP sets in the Savoy series way, way back (2007) on the first Be Bop Wino blog that got taken down - both volumes of The Original Johnny Otis Show, Honkers & Screamers, and The Roots Of Rock'n'Roll. They all had terrible scans!

So after a delay of over a decade here are some better scans for Honkers & Screamers. I still have the original mp3s I ripped of the above LPs but I just substituted some home made covers. Thanks for the Johnny Otis Volume 1 scans. Saves me the trouble of scanning my own LP covers!

I'l start on the scans for Johnny Otis Volume 2 and the Vocal Group collection will be a weekend project, I think, unless someone else comes up with a copy.


AliBoingo said...

Many thanks for these.

Jorge Chiclero said...

Great thanks for these.

boogiewoody said...

Hi Xyros

To add to the list - here's improved scans for The Original Johnny Otis Show Volume 2 double LP:!oFFmGQ7A!HVB0CEYPGxf0eaE57W06cg_q-1-s_WzmfIlJf5NDcOI


Xyros said...

many thanks boogiewoody for the scans.
Your setup for scanning brings back memories but since I've changed to Mac I'm stuck with expensive software .... as if every Mac owner is up to there lips in cash.

N. N. said...

boogiewoody, thanks for all this. I would have credited you if I had been 100% sure that I'd got the MP3s (which I've been enjoying all these years) from you. I even looked for them on your current blog and was mystified not to find anything, having forgotten completely that you'd had an earlier one that disappeared!

Xyros said...

Big Joe Turner Vol. 2 is now available.

boogiewoody said...

N.N. - no probs. There have been different rips of these Savoy LPs on various blogs over the years. I'm happy that you've enjoyed listening to them. BTW I found the original posts of these LPs from my blog - in an archive saved from the old Be Bop Wino. I didn't republish them because of the poor quality scans which I hoped to redo at some point. I never quite got round to it but here we all are 11 years later still able to enjoy this fantastic music.

Xyros - I'm almost ready to post volume 8, The Vocal Group Album, on Be Bop Wino. Please make use of it here on Don't Ask Me. Make your own link, alter the tagging, or whatever you want to do with it. Download will include full artwork which I've got better at doing over the last few days!

Many thanks again to everyone who has posted albums on this thread and brought back memories of this great series.