Saturday, June 27, 2020

Deep Soul Classics

Complete LP's

1. Lattimore Brown - Lattimore Brown (Vol.1 P-Vine PLP 315)
2. Big John Hamilton & Doris Allen (Vol.2 P-Vine PLP 333)
3. Roscoe Shelton ‎– Music In His Soul, Soul In His Music (Vol.3 PLP 337)
4. Ann Sexton - The Beginning (Vol.4 P-Vine PLP 340)
5. Southern Soul Match Doubles (Vol.5 P Vine PLP 342)
8. Louisiana-Texas Wailers (Vol. 8 P-Vine PLP 354)
9. Mickey Murray & Clarence Murray (Vol. 9  P-Vine PLP 359)
10. Sandra Phillips - Too Many People In One Bed (Vol.10 P-Vine PLP 367)
11. Moody Scott - Groovin' Out On Life (Vol.11 P-Vine PLP382)
12 . From Atlanta To Birmingham (Vol. 12 P-Vine PLP 383) NEW with thanks to Loofer
14. Joe Medwick & Bobby Boseman - Slow Down Young Lovers (Vol.14 P-Vine PLP 390)
15. Brief Encounter with Sweet Soul Music (Vol.15 P-Vine PLP 391 )
16. Warren Lee & Joe Haywood - Love For All Seasons (Vol.16 P-Vine PLP 501)
17. Eldridge Holmes - A Time For The Ridgy (Vol.17 P-Vine PLP 502)
18. Roscoe Robinson - That's Enough (Vol.18 P-Vine PLP 505)
19. Joe Simon - You Keep Me Hangin' On (Vol.19 P-Vine PLP 506)
20. Joe Simon - Monument Of Soul 1966-1972 (Vol.20 P-Vine PLP 507 )
21. Diamond Joe & Willie West - Moanin' & Screamin' (Vol.21 P-Vine PLP 508)
22. This Is A New Day (Vol. 22 P-Vine PLP 509) 
23. Bayou Soul Men (Vol. 23 P-Vine PLP 511)

Incomplete LP's

6. Early Memphis Sounds (Vol. 6 P-Vine PLP 343)
7. Soul Dynamite (Vol. 7 P-Vine PLP 353)
13 . Nashville Soul Rangers (Vol.13 P-Vine PLP 384)

Missing Tracks:
Leon Byrd Sweet Things For You
Dee Brown & Lola Grant Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
Dee Brown & Lola Grant Let's Do It Together  —  undamaged needed
Hank Ballard Love Made A Fool Out Of Me
The Climates All My Weakness
Load Of Mischief Baby You've Got It

Thanks go to Bob who has posted all the complete LP's at Twilight Zone and as comments on this blog. I thought I'd trawl the various sites and try and complete the series. Wasn't as easy as I thought it would be as you can see by the incomplete LP's. Each one is missing a couple of tracks that where only available  on Deep Soul Classics, the original single or a hard to find re-release.

ps. bitrates vary on the incomplete lp's and the discographies are here.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for Vol. 8 - which I was 3 tracks short.

These are the tracks I'm missing from the remaining five albums:-

The Climates - All My Weakness
The Climates - Don't Be Cruel
Load Of Mischief - Baby You've Got It

Mill Evans - Trying To Find A New Home
Hank Ballard - Love Made A Fool Out Of Me
Johnny Mckinnis, Laura Green - Soul Symphony

Willie Charles Gray - A Whole Lot Of Soul
Leon Byrd - Sweet Things For You

Tommy Ridgley - When I Stop Leaving
Ironing Board Sam - This Is A New Day

Dee Brown & Lola Grant - Let's Do It Together
Dee Brown & Lola Grant - Little Do We Know
Dee Brown & Lola Grant - Do Right Woman, Do Right Man

pmac said...

Merci, Bob and Xyros! Love this series. That Diamond Joe and Willie West album hs been om my stereo all weekend.

lilli said...

Bob and Xyros, many thanks for this fantastic job.

Bob said...

Hi Xyros - It's been great working with you. According to my reckoning we're only 13 tracks short of the full caboodle.

Here are the incomplete albums (with a few extra tracks)

These are my versions of the last 5 incomplete albums - I've done a bit of tweaking with a couple of tracks from your uploads, but there's a few here you didn't have.

Some of my track listings are different to yours, and like yours, one of the tracks (Dee Brown & Lola Grant - Let's Do It Together) 'beeps' occasionally. We must've got them from that same site!

So with any luck, someone out there can come up with the missing tracks... Over to you.

Anton said...

Just Great ! Thank You All.

la musica e vita said...

Thanks for these. Great work!

I'll be hanging out for the fully completed missing sets.

hwolf said...

Here are the 2 tracks missing from
22 . This Is A New Day (Vol. 22 P-Vine PLP 509)

Xyros said...

A big thanks to hwolf for passing on the Tommy Ridgley and Ironing Board Sam tracks that were missing from vol 22.

muddyw123 said...

Great albums. TX!

Anonymous said...

From OldMan : Thank's for this collection. Great works and sharing. Have a good day.

Bob Mac said...

Thanks for these Xyros and everyone who was involved. I grabbed half a dozen albums here today that I didn't have. I have none of the incomplete albums but I'll wait a while until missing the tracks have been located. Thanks again to everyone.

Xyros said...

@ Bob, many thanks for your updates with a couple of missing tracks. There are 4 more tracks on Spotify that I'm trying to download as mp3's but so far not much luck with the software.

Bob said...


I used to be on Spotify, but for some reason I can't get it open properly any more.
What I used to do was to record a track live whilst streaming using Audacity

Are we still missing this one? It isn't on your list and I can't access your uncompleted albums any more to check.
Dee Brown & Lola Grant - Little Do We Know

It's great that some more tracks are being found.

Thanks to hwolf for his contribution...

pedro B said...

thanks to Xyros and bob for dedication and completism not sure if that a word or not

Xyros said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob said...

@ Xyros
re. 3 from spotify.

Those tracks are not the correct ones.
How are you getting the tracks from Spotify?

Xyros said...

Shit, d/led them from Spotify using AlltoMP3. They came in tagged correctly but I hadn't had time to listen to them. Sounds/looks like Spotify has put up some kind of random download. I'll give it another try.

imnokid said...

My experience with Spotify has been that for any music that is not from the last 15 years or so, the sound and compression sucks.

Little Bill said...

Many thanks to Bob and Xyro for what you do here,enormous effort and music!

Xyros said...

Try, try and maybe you'll succeed and that's what I've done (I hope). I've have downloaded 4 tracks from Spotify using demo version of "Tunefab Spotify Music Convertor" in combination with Spotify app. They give 30 day trial with a max of 3 minutes per tune which is fine for old tracks. Downside is that it's played around with my MAC settings and slowed it down considerably. It will either return to normal once I remove the software or I'll just have to replace a backup ... either way the end results are these 4 tracks:
Willie Charles Gray A Whole Lot Of Soul
Mill Evans - Trying To Find A New Home
Johnny Mckinnis, Laura Green* Soul Symphony
The Climates Don' Be Cruel
all at 320kbs

Bob said...

@ Xros

Well done for managing to sort out the Spotify download -
these sound a bit more like it! Thanks for the extra tracks. It's a shame they don't complete any more albums.

I think we still need from Vol. 12

Dee Brown & Lola Grant - Little Do We Know

(Unless you've already got it - please send if so)

Thanks - only a few tracks to go now.

Xyros said...

@ Bob, haven’t come across a good copy Little Do We know yet. Keeping my eyes open though.

Bob said...

This isn't the one that beeps - it's another one altogether which isn't on your wants list.

Martíncho said...

Thanks Man! Joe Simon Is the Best1 Thaks for this!

Mark Nicholson said...

Bob... Do you have an updated link to the Dee & Lola tracks? Meanwhile, Do Right Woman, Do Right Man is available on this cd:

Loofer said...

Hi, Still lokking for this: 12 . From Atlanta To Birmingham (Vol. 12 P-Vine PLP 383)? Can record it for you. Ciao, Kees

Xyros said...

@ Loofer, yes please I'm still looking for the missing volumes. Greatly appreciated.

Loofer said...

OK, tracks now here:
Not tagged yet...

Xyros said...

Thank you loofer, get around to tagging them soon.

Anonymous said...

From Bill W

Your link with the incomplete albums ( has expired. Could you please repost it if you don't mind. Thanks much.

Sir Shambling said...

New here but I would think you must have got the track with "bleeps" on it from my website I had to put bleeps on all my tracks as guys were stealing the songs and selling them in bootleg CDs. I'm happy to give the music freely I love to anybody who asks. I have all the Deep Soul Classics LPs and can supply any missing tracks without "bleeps" if somebody could tell me how to do it. John

Xyros said...

@ Sir Shambling, welcome to my blog.. Though I do visit your blog for info etc I think these came via another online source but most likely originated from your rips.
Thank you very much for your offer to fill the gaps. Missing are tracks from volumes 6, 7 & 13 and the ones that we have are various bitrates and quality.
If you can send links for vol. 6,7 & 13 using the comment box that way I can download and post them. If the complete volmes aren't available then tracks:
Vol. 6 - tracks 3 &7
vol. 6 - track 6
vol. 13 - tracks 11

I'm sure Bob will appreciate filling out the missing volumes also as he started me on this quest.

dooger said...

Thanks for this collection. Vol. 20. Joe Simon - Monument Of Soul 1966-1972 Is The 2001 Shout! Records RPMSH 222 comp and not P-Vine PLP 507.