Sunday, June 26, 2022

Various - Too Close (repost)

01. The Staples Jr. Singers - Too Close.mp3                           
02. Clarence Taylor & The Estate Singers - Sinner Man.mp3             
03. New Generation - Same God.mp3                                     
04. Robert Hodge - My Savior Will Be Waiting.mp3                      
05. Freedom Gospel Singers - Crucified My Lord.mp3                    
06. The East St. Louis Gospelettes - I'll Take Care Of You.mp3        
07. The Singing Corinthians Of Los Angeles - Nobody Knows.mp3         
08. Brother Curtiss Dingle and The Exciting Cavalairs - Sinna Man.mp3 
09. The Salem Travelers - These Are Trying Times.mp3                  
10. Lula Collins - Hold Out (Keep The Faith).mp3                      
11. Awakening Echoes - Leaning.mp3                                    
12. Louise Jackson - 99 1-2 Won't Do.mp3                              
13. The Gospel Commanders - Just Before The Heaven Door Close.mp3     
14. Joe Carter And The Pilgrim Gospel Singers - Just Call On Jesus.mp3
15. The Sensational - Jesus Gave Me Water.mp3                         
16. The Alston Brothers - Strange Man On The Sea.mp3                  
17. The Williams Brothers of Philadelphia, PA - Walk With Me.mp3      
18. Swanee Larks - I'm Walking With The Lord.mp3                      
19. The Amazing Zion Travelers - Walk Around Heaven.mp3               
20. Spiritual Starlites - Long Black Limousine.mp3                    
21. The Expressions Of Faith - I've Been Trying.mp3                   
22. The Souls Of Joy - Heavy Load.mp3                                 
23. The Holy Lights of Baltimore - Keep On Singing.mp3                


Ballas said...

TYVM B-Boy Bungus.

Bob Mac said...

Thanks Xyros & B-Boy Bungus for more great gospel music.

imnokid said...

These gospel/soul comps are most welcome. Thanx!

Anonymous said...

Sincere thanks for this impressive gospel-comp.
- Jay from the North.

stringbasspete said...

as an older lover of blues/gospel/etc may I thank you for now using an alternative to zippyshare..we in UK have been barred from this download site for some time and the frustration of missing so much listed great music has been destroying; I'm 77 years old , played upright bass for
50 of em' (blues) and have a 78rpm collection of over 2000 shellacs
all blues/gospel/ and much younger 50's rock.n, roll you never stop discovering so thanks again for your kind selection of sites !!!

stringbass Pete.

Xyros said...

@ stringbasspete, the Krakenfiles site is a test to see if it's trustworthy. It's only a couple of years old and these sites tend to close down if they don't show a profit. So we will see how it goes.
Your collection of shellacs sounds very interesting have you ever gotten around to digitizing them?
Anyway enjoy the music.