Sunday, June 20, 2021

Death - Death Slipcase Box (flac)

...For The Whole World To See
A1 Keep On Knocking 2:50
A2 Rock-N-Roll Victim 2:42
A3 Let The World Turn 5:57
A4 You're A Prisoner 2:24
B1 Freakin Out 2:49
B2 Where Do We Go From Here??? 3:50
B3 Politicians In My Eyes 5:51

Spiritual Mental Physical
C1 Views 3:02
C2 The Masks 3:11
C3 The Change 3:45
C4 World Of Tomorrow 1:41
C5 Can You Give Me A Thrill??? 5:43
D1 People Look Away 2:14
D2 The Storm Within 3:01
D3 David's Dream (Flying) 2:01
D4 Bobby Bassing It 1:28
D5 Dannis On The Motor City Drums 2:14

E1 Introduction By David 2:03
E2 North Street 3:42
E3 Open Road 3:20
E4 We Are Only People 8:41
F1 Restlessness 3:54
F2 Free 2:04
F3 Yes He's Coming 4:36
F4 First Snowfall In Detroit 4:51
F5 We're Gonna Make It 4:04


imnokid said...

GREAT post. I am somewhat familiar with this Detroit black punk band from 1971.


Bob Mac said...

Have no idea what this is but I'll take a listen.

Xyros said...

@ Bob Mac, now I wonder what you think of them. Another group worthwhile checking out is Black Merda on Checker(?).

Bob Mac said...

@Xyros...yep, wild frantic stuff, I'd actually enjoy hearing them live in a pub with a few beers under the belt. And Black Merda, yes, I have some things by them.

367 loser said...

links NOT working ???
I can not DL ...

Xyros said...

@ 367 loser, Workupload is down for maintenance, If it doesn't come back in a couple of days I'll upload to a new filehost