Sunday, August 1, 2021

Snooky Prior - Shake Your Boogie


A1 Shake Your Boogie 3:23
A2 Bottle Up & Go
A3 You Don't Know My Name 4:29
A4 Bluebird Blues 4:34
A5 Can't Love Me & Homesick Blues 3:26
B1 Baby Left Me A Mule To Ride 2:56
B2 Jump & Shout 3:50
B3 Gonna Have A Good Time 4:45
B4 So Sweet 4:46
B5 Crazy 'Bout You 3:17


Never noticed the variation  in the spelling of Snooky's surname before and I've had this Lp for years.


snakeboy said...

Must be auto-correct. Thanks for posting.

Nappyrags said...

Mucho thanks for the Snooky...