Saturday, September 9, 2023

Ram Jam Holder - Black London Blues/Bootleg Blues

 Black London Blues    
1        Brixton Blues
2        Pub Crawling Blues
3        Too Much Blues
4        Notting Hill Eviction Blues
5        Black London Blues
6        Ladbroke Grove Blues
7        Sleeping Alone Tonight Blues
8        Wimpy Bar Blues
9        Piccadilly Circus Blues
10        Hampstead To Lose The Blues
  Bootleg Blues    
11        Definition Blues
12        Low Down In Paris
13        Saturday's Child
14        Bed Sitter Girl
15        London Paris Rome Blues Express
16        Way Up High
17        Hampstead Blues
18        Blues Over Europe
19        The Blues In Moscow
20        Freedom I'm Ready


MapleBlues said...

thnks !! unkonown to me here cant wait to hear it!
you do awesome work thnks for all of it!

Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this. I was listening to it yesterday, quite good really and an interesting historical look at life in (mainly) London at that time.

boogieman said...

Ram John Holder is Guyanese. Probably better known as an actor in UK TV series.