Friday, March 29, 2024

Joe Houston - Blows All Nite Long

        All Nite Long    
        Celebrity Club Stomp    
        Candy Rock    
        Rockin' With Joe    
        Way Out    
        Crazy Sax    
        Blow Joe Blow    
        Sentimental Journey    
        Rock And Roll Boogie    
        Riverside Rock    
        Earth Quake    
        Joe's Gone



LUIZJP-brazil said...

Dear friends:On Discogs we find three different songs: Could this be a mistake by United? "Right Now", "Time Out" and "Dizzy Lizzy" ( Thanks

Ballas said...

TYVM Xyros.

Xyros said...

That is a good question but I have no answer for you. Maybe someone has the last issued rerelease.

LUIZJP-brazil said...

Let's go: I'm looking for Joe Houston – All Night Long - US-7774, United
A1 All Night Long
A2 Celebrity Club Stomp
A3 Right Now
A4 Rockin' With Joe
A5 Way Out
A6 Crazy Sax
B1 Blow Joe Blow
B2 Rock And Roll
B3 Time Out
B4 Earth Quake
B5 Joe's Gone
B6 Dizzy Lizzy

Thanks, everybody....