Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Leroy Washington - Wild Cherry

Little is known about Leroy Washington, who recorded several sessions between 1957 and 1961 for Jay Miller. He was recalled by Miller as perhaps his favorite blues guitarist. He only released a handful of sides, however, he had recorded a considerable legacy of material for Miller, which had lain unissued for decades. As Bruce Bastin wrote: "Like another fine Miller guitarist, Guitar Gable, Leroy Washington was from Opelousas. …Washington's polite, easy-going nature and keenness to record made him a highly suitable artist for Miller, who carefully built up his artist's sessions, in order to create a satisfactory potential "hit' record. Three couplings submitted by Miller to Ernie Young of the Nashboro Record Co. saw release on his Excello label in 1958-59 but Miller clearly submitted material which did not find favor."

Also tracks from Mr. Calhoun, Blue Charlie, Mr. Mojo,
Thanks go to Marc Claes for sharing this CD



Gerard Herzhaft said...

There is a very informative article about Leroy Washington with pictures, dates of birth and death, facts of his life in a recent Living Blues

Juanjo said...

Great people in this blog !!! Thanks Xyros, and thanks Marc!!