Friday, September 8, 2017

Leroy Washington - Wild Cherry

1 –Leroy Washington (2) Sittin' Here Thinkin'
2 –Leroy Washington (2) Don't Blame It On Me Mama
3 –Leroy Washington (2) Women Are Trouble
4 –Leroy Washington (2) I Don't Want Your Money
5 –Leroy Washington (2) I've Been In This Prison
6 –Leroy Washington (2) Hello Stranger
7 –Leroy Washington (2) Hello Operator
8 –Leroy Washington (2) Baby Please Come Home
9 –Leroy Washington (2) Wild Cherry
10 –Leroy Washington (2) Everyday
11 –Leroy Washington (2) Hello Baby
12 –Blue Charlie* Don't Have No Friends
13 –Blue Charlie* I'm Gonna Kill That Hen
14 –Blue Charlie* Watch That Crow
15 –Mr. Calhoun Hello My Friends, Hello Pal
16 –Mr. Calhoun They Call Me Mr Calhoun
17 –Mr. Calhoun I'm Ragged And Dirty
18 –Mr. Mojo (4) The World Loves A Lover
19 –Mr. Mojo (4) I Won't Be Here Long
20 –Jake Johnson (3) Life Gets Hard
21 –Clarence Lockley If You See My Little Woman

Thanks go to Marcfr for sharing this CD



Gerard Herzhaft said...

There is a very informative article about Leroy Washington with pictures, dates of birth and death, facts of his life in a recent Living Blues

Juanjo said...

Great people in this blog !!! Thanks Xyros, and thanks Marc!!

clash said...

Any chance of a reup of this great one? Tank you in advance.

Anton Lijs said...

Thank You So Much !

clash said...

Big thanks, man!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of him! He's huge or it's a small guitar!!


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