Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wild Bill's Washboard Boys - Baby Yum Yum

A1 Purty Lil' Red Dress
A2 I Found My Baby
A3 You're Tearing My Heart
A4 Washboard Choo Choo
A5 Moanin' For My Baby
A6 Baby Yum Yum
B1 Gonna Walk You To School
B2 Ain't A-Coming Back
B3 I Wanna Know
B4 Won't Be Your Hound Dog Anymore
B5 Feeling For You Baby
B6 Change Your Way Around

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goinsidemyhead said...

...ohhh mannn....take me home cajun country roads...this is scary jaw droppin' good...saw me some wood brother...

Anonymous said...


What the cat above says x 10. Mhm mhm.. GOOD! That's some righteous music. As always... THANK YOU

Calgary, Canada

Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Just from the title, I know this has got to be great. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Jahel said...

flyright is a ***** stars label!
a reload will be a must.
as your blog drive me to heaven... the real stuff!

boogieman said...

Avec Marcel Dugas a l'accordeon ... Chauffe Marcel!