Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pee Wee Crayton - Early Hours

A West Coast blues guitar hero, Crayton died shortly after these sessions, done primarily with Rod and Honey Piazza's band, or with jazz pianist Llew Matthews' quartet. The two dates show Crayton could do it all. Jump blues, hard or straight blues, and boogie were all easily played. It's that unmistakable T-Bone Walker influence, a stinging, swinging single line or chunky, chortling chord progressions that made Crayton stand out among the crowded blues guitar landscape. He was a one-of-a kind player, and this CD is not only his final testament, but a solid exclamation point on the career of a true American music legend. Crayton also proved to be a pretty good singer. His soulful rendering of the hit "Send for Me" is sincere and believable. "Barefootin'" might be a throwaway, but he really sends up the B.B. King evergreen "When I'm Wrong." Steaming instrumentals with big horn charts swing hard as on "You Know Yeah," Eddie Taylor's "E.T. Blues," "Red Rose Boogie," and the short horn-fired rave-up "Head'n'Home." The Piazzas and Matthews really know how to support a star, and their work is as credible as any. Additional kudos to Crayton's wife, Esther, who wrote six of these 11 cuts, and was always a major factor in his repertoire. On some of his solos, Crayton is astounding; on the rest, his guitar is merely spectacular. Though 14 years late (Crayton died in 1985) and only 45 minutes short on this CD, this is a precious document of one of originals of blues guitar, and a reminder that although he was relatively obscure, he had many fans who knew what the real deal was. For blues scholars, this is an artist, like Freddie King, Otis Rush, and T-Bone, well worth studying and relishing.
Above is a review for the cd release with 3 extra tracks.



vitaly said...

Thank You, Xyros, for good post.

Anonymous said...

thank you

ramson said...

Pee Wee Crayton - Early Hours

WOW!!.. Great thanks!!

By the way, Cd release have missing three tracks from this Lp and include tracks (but not all!!) from other Murray Brothers LP, I think.

Much apreciatted.

Anonymous said...

I own both Murray Bros. LP's but as I consider myself really unable to do a LP rip (unless you give me somethingh like a method for double dumps or so) I'm very happy to have so nice rip.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Great music lazy half-assed presentation. Track names?

Xyros said...

What do you mean " lazy half-assed presentation"?
I spend about 3-4 hours ripping, scanning covers for your listening pleasure. I could sit out in the sun with a beer and say .. Fuck this.
Try opening your eyes and opening the scans of the cover included in the rar. file and tag the mp3's yourself .... or do you also want me to do your washing and ironing also.

Xyros said...

O.K, I over reacted in the above comment. Boring day at work, sun is shining, the cats taken to jumping on the turn-table while I'm listening to an lp and the goverment fell.
Actually that could be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that I (for one) have never begrudged the short time putting labels on the bounty that I get from this wonderful blog.
Of course if you don't like putting the labels on for yourself you could: A/ hire someone to do it for you. or B/ Just sit back and enjoy the great blues that is given so generously!

Steve626 said...


I'm with Bottleneck - a small 'price' to pay for the amazing music that you post for us. I've actually come to enjoy the 'challenge' of getting the track listings correct. Lord, I've gotten some downloads that are completely screwed up and are still not tagged. Keep them coming -

Seven Echo said...

I can't believe someone would look this wonderful gift horse in the mouth and complain instead of giving thanks.

Raccoon said...

Perhaps it is best expressed by saying "some people would complain if they were hung with a new rope."

oh, thanks for this.