Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Homesick James - Back Home Again (Corrected rip)

A1 Homecoming Blues
A2 My Gal Blues
A3 Keep Your Hands To Yourself
A4 1000 Women Blues
A5 Homesick's Contribution To Jazz
B1 Live Life Over
B2 Lonesome Train
B3 Highway 59
B4 Isolation Blues
B5 Weep & Moan



Lou Cypher said...

Another one I didn't have, thanks!

gracenotes said...

Hi, Xyros. Many thanks for this, but either something has gone wrong with the download, or there's a problem with the tracks you've posted. Side 2 seems to have the same tracks as side 1, although with the different titles. Is there a problem at your end - or is it something I've done? Sorry to be a pain.

Xyros said...

@ Gracenotes, thank you for the heads up. Hope I have time to post a new rip this evening.

Steve626 said...


Like Lou said, another one I didn't have - thanks a lot for the post.

Juanjo said...

Thank you very much Xyros!

Bob Mac said...

Another one I d/l a couple days ago but hadn't got around to unpacking it yet. So thanks for the new rip.

gracenotes said...

Many thanks for the re-upload. What a great album ...

Marcfr said...

Many thanks for this album as well as for the others of last week : many new music to discover ! Merci !