Thursday, October 6, 2016

Various: Look Out, Sam!

Recorded live American Folk Blues Festival 1966
Otis Rush Blues Band - It Takes Time
Magic Sam's Blues Band - All Your Love
J.B. Lenoir's Afro-American Blues Band - Down in Mississippi
The Junior Wells Blues Band - Look Out, Sam!
Joe Turner with the Otis Rush Blues Band - Come On, Baby

Magic Sam's Blues Band - Sometimes
The Junior Wells Blues Band - Over Yonder Walls
Magic Sam's Blues Band - Call Me If You Need Me
The Junior Wells Blues Band - Shake My Hand
Magic Sam's Blues Band - Torchering [sic] My Soul
J. B. Lenoir and Company - I Feel So Good
This lp has seen better days and that can be heard in the rip.



goinsidemyhead said...

...awesome collection of excellent authentic vinyl dynamite...scratched up lp deluxe blues just don't get any better than this....check out the line up homes and give thanks....thanks bag on head dude...

Xyros said...

It's good to hear from a man of taste; who knows his music and dinks his turps pure.

Marineband said...

Great stuff again...although i'll skip the turps!

gym said...

Hey Xyros, it's David from the Joint, long time! Glad to see that the blues bug has bitten you so hard! I've been enjoying your blog, I wonder if maybe you can repost this one? I've never seen it before. Do you have the Ann Arbor Blues Festival Dbl LP? I can rip that for you at some point. I just moved so none of my stuff is set up at the moment. Hope you' well!