Sunday, November 25, 2012

Various - Lowdown Memphis Harmonica Jam 1950-1955

As the title tells us ... harmonica blues from Memphis. Highlights for me are Hot Shot Love and Joe Hill Louis.
Lp is Nighthawk 103.



Anonymous said...

Nighthawk albums excellent! anyone else agree that there is something about old vinyl albums which you don't feel with cd's?

teekay said...

sorry - last comment from me - hit anon key by mistake!

Xyros said...

Teekay, glad you like the Nighthawks. Still 4 more to go.
I agree also that vynil has more to it than cd's. It isn't the sound quality to me but just the overal feeling of having something in your hand, a label to gaze at, a cover to smell and gaze at even longer... this is beginning to sound sick ... the ticks and jumps that bring back memories and so on.
What a cd does have over vynil is value for money and with a bit of luck more info in the booklet.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this blues harp compilation, please more and more harp

Anonymous said...

Great LP.....great memories of buying this in the 70's.

Do you have any Redita LP's...706 Blues and Memphis Blues at Sunrise ?

They would make a fantastic post.

Xyros said...

I think I have the 706 lp stuck away. If I do I'll post it soon.

Anonymous said...

my tracklist:

01 - Hot Shot Love - Harmonica Jam
02 - Hot Shot Love - Wolf Call Boogie
03 - Joe Hill Louis - Street Walkin' Woman
04 - Joe Hill Louis - Walkin' Talkin' Blues
05 - JD Horton - Cadillac Blues
06 - JD Horton - Why Don't You Let Me Be
07 - Mumbles - Now Tell Me Baby
08 - Mumbles - Jumpin' Blues
09 - Joe Hill Louis - Gotta Let You Go
10 - Joe Hill Louis - Boogie In The Park
11 - Willie Nix - Seems Like A Million Years
12 - Willie Nix - Bakershop Boogie
13 - Woodrow Adams - Wine Head Woman
14 - Woodrow Adams - Baby, You Just Don't Know
15 - Chicago Sunny Boy - Love Me Baby
16 - Chicago Sunny Boy - On The Floor

thx for the music

boogieman said...

Hi guys,
I think that LP was the ideal format. 20 minutes per side, if you really like side 1 you turn it over for more. Usually after side 2, it was time for something different.
A CD is 70 minutes. Too long. Perhaps I suffer from attention deficit but after half an hour of the same bloke singing / playing - even if he's a genius - i feel like listening to something else.