Sunday, December 9, 2012

Goree Carter And His Hepcats - Rock Awhile

T-Bone Walker inspired a legion of young Texas blues guitarists during the years following World War II with his elegant electrified riffs and fat chords. Among his legion of disciples was Houston's Goree Carter, whose big break came when Solomon Kahal signed him to Houston's Freedom Records circa 1949.
Carter's best-known waxing, the torrid "Rock Awhile" (billed to Goree Carter & His Hepcats) emerged not long thereafter, its sizzling opening lick sounding quite a bit like primordial Chuck Berry. Freedom issued plenty of Carter platters over the next few years, and he later recorded for Imperial/Bayou, Sittin' in With, Coral, Jade, and Modern without denting the national charts. Eventually, he left music behind altogether.



marlg said...

One of my favorite of the Blues Boy LPs. They're all great though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Xyros;

First time contact. Have been collecting music, in general since late 70's, and one first favs was Blues. Big fan of T-Bone Walker, and have been priviledged to see Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (another similar styled Blues guitarist) in concert. Had NEVER heard of Goree Carter, but THANX for the introduction! LUV the more "upbeat"/R&B styles.
You've been sharing some great music! Please keep 'em coming!

Ciao! For now.

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