Wednesday, June 28, 2017

George "Harmonica" Smith - ... Of The Blues

A Letter To The President 3:43
Got My Mojo Working 3:15
Milk That Cow 2:09
Blues For Reverend King 4:51
Ode To Billie Joe 3:16
Juicy Harmonica 2:30
Help Me 3:22
Hawaiian Eye 4:10
If You Were A Rabbit 7:21



Anonymous said...

thank you VERY MUCH

dragan said...

Thank you

boogieman said...

Thanks for sharing this album. I haven't seen it reissued yet.

ramson said...

George "Harmonica" Smith - ... Of The Blues

I don't have so much time to visit your blog... therefore I had missed this one.

thanks a lot

Dr Oyster said...

WOW !!!! thank you very much !!!!

pino said...

thank you very much