Friday, May 31, 2013

Jimmy Reeves Jr. - Born To Love Me

It's not easy to find info about Jimmy Reeves Jr. The following article sheds some light on the album - "One other session [from Walter Horton] that merits attention from this period is a Chess LP done under the name of guitarist Jimmy Reeves Jr., who as his name alludes, was a young Jimmy Reed lookalike and soundalike, complete with a photograph of rack mounted harmonica around his neck. The session was a straight Willie Dixon affair that featured a few Reed titles and a lot of Willie's songbook. Fortunately, M.T. Murphy was the lead guitarist and Shakey [Walter Horton] performed some outstanding sympathetic backing in tandem with pianist Lafayette Leake or Sunnyland Slim. Reeves Jr., the star of the session, was relegated to vocals. This session appeared only briefly on vinyl, then disappeared presumably due to poor sales, and a lingering aftertaste of bad Jimmy Reed clones that had exhausted their market attraction. This type of session is a good example of how a mediocre artist (Reeves Jr.) can be rescued from oblivion by a good backing group, a task that Walter Horton handled measurably, several times during his career". - from

Frits has got the bug and has been ripping some very interesting and rare LP's for us. This is the first to be posted and the rest will follow together with more singles form Frits.


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Gerard Herzhaft said...

This Jimmy Reeves Jr attended at most of the Jimmy Reed gigs and was always asking to jam with the band. He performed under the name of Jimmy Reed Jr making very angry the true Jimmy Reed's son who was also named Jimmy Reed Jr (and who accompanied his father on gigs and on records). It seems that even a lawsuit was engaged against the wrong Reed Jr who then took the moniker Reeves Jr! This very Chess LP was the idea of Willie Dixon who, at that time, was looking for as much Juniors he could find (Wolf, Muddy...)and try to sell!