Friday, May 17, 2013

Various - Chicago Blues LIve

Recorded live while on tour through Europe in the late 70's. Sound is good but the playing is a bit rough.. but hey who cares. Great fun.
I'm pretty sure I saw this lot when they passed thru Holland as I can remember Homesick James and also J.B. disappearing out of the hall while still playing guitar.
Possibly these tracks have been re-released on cd as Wolf seem to have hundreds of cd's out.



Anonymous said...

thank you

boogieman said...

I really miss those AFBF /American Blues Legends tours we had in the sixties / seventies. Talking with American friends recently, I realised I had seen many more great bluesmen in my youth in Belgium than many people in the States.

Happy days!

Anonymous said...

Good !!!!!

Thank you

john said...

J. B. Hutto one of my favorites. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Right boogieman, also you often found the bluesmen's touring bands had all-star sidemen as well, as various guys jumped at a chance to go on tour to UK, Europe & Australia.