Saturday, June 23, 2018

Little Wolf - Sings The Blues & Single (re-post)

A1 The Slow Won't Howl No More 4:15
A2 Mama, Talk To Your Daughter 3:54
A3 Stop Ducking Me Baby 3:43
A4 The Killing Floor 3:55
A5 Every Girl I See 4:18
B1 Put It All In There 3:41
B2 Sex Appeal 5:20
B3 You Can't Keep Her Long 5:04
B4 Shake For Me 3:43
B5 Howling For My Darling 3:55

Thanks to Frits for this rare LP.



marc's stuff said...

awesome ! u must have read my mind here i was searching for this one !! was gonna ask here soon !!
u da man !!

Marty Gunther said...

Little Wolf, whose real name was Lee Solomon and often was billed as Little Howlin Wolf, was a regular fixture on the West Side of Chicago, and he left us a few years ago. Among his regular bandmates in the late '70s was a very young Li'l Ed Williams (Li'l Ed and the Blues Imperials) on second guitar.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Sorry Marty but this Little Wolf is not Lee Solomon. Little Wolf (born Jesse Sanders 26 June 1930 in Florence, Ms) was altogether a Chicago police officer for 47 years while singing the blues in the Windy City clubs. Married to Howlin' Wolf's niece Diane, Jesse brought the attention of Willie Dixon who was trying to find new talents for his fledgling Yambo label. Rebaptized by Dixon Little Wolf, Jesse recorded the modest hit but striking blues The wolf won't howl no more after Howlin' Wolf's death. This single was then featured on a whole album that I bought directly at Willie Dixon's small Chicago office. I don't think this fairly good album (featuring such luminaries as Buster Benton, Johnny B. Moore and Billy Branch) has ever been distributed outside Chicago. It has been said that Jesse made also another album for Bobby Rush which is very hard to find (thanks to Pierre Monnery who located one copy of this!). After his retirement from the Chicago Police Department, Jesse Sanders relocated in Memphis where he made some public appearances. It is not known if he is still alive.
see my post on my blog

kempen said...

a picture of the 45 JS Records says Little Howlin wolf; more confusion !!
look at

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Dear Kempen
Yes there is a lot of confusion around all those Howlin' Wolfs Jr, Little or anywhere else. I even have a british 45 by Miss She-Wolf who sings two Chester Burnett's songs and who appears to be none other than Dana Gillespie! But this Willie Dixon's Little Wolf was really Jesse Sanders who was related to the real Howlin' Wolf. I don't know if he's still alive. He had retired in the South where he was singing sporadically not so long ago

Albert said...

This one Too ?

teddy cat baz said...

thanx xyros

Bob Mac said...

There's a complete live concert of Little Howlin' Wolf (Jessie Sanders) on YouTube. It's from The Forum in Jonesboro Arkansas, September 26 1998.

In the comments it's reported that Jessie Sanders was alive and living in 2012 in Big Lake, Miss. just south of Memphis.

Xyros said...

@ Bob Mac, thank you for the Youtube link. Give it a watch on a rainy day.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Thanks to my friend Pierre Monnery, I'd been able to post the ultra-rare CD that Little Wolf recorded and his friend Bobby Rush produced. You can find it here:

Albert said...

thank you

Ballas said...

Thank you very much for the post.

Juan Jose Caldara| said...

podrias postearlo nuevamente:::: y mandar el enlace nuevo a jjcaldara@gmail.con ? gracias!!

muddyw123 said...

Jesse , The father of Stoney B. Blues, died very recently.

muddylives said...

does anyone knows who blow the harp on this record?

Xyros said...

@ muddylives, according to the back cover, included in the files you downloaded, it's Billy Branch.