Friday, July 1, 2016

Various - New Orleans Rock & Roll And R&B

Some rare tracks that don't often turn up on comps. Look at the cover to see who the artists are, download and enjoy the lp.

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Eva said...

Great stuff, Xyros. This is what I love. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is good. Thanks. W.

Anonymous said...

thank you

WOO DOPS said...

Thanks for this. You'll find another Rarin' release on my blog...Doo woppin' the blues....I also posted wild & Frantic....recently...then found it here! Thanks for your work here.

Anonymous said...

Here's the tracklist from back cover:

01. Myles & Dupont - Loud Mouth Annie
02. Roland Cook - Welcome Home
03. Eddie Bo - Walk That Walk
04. Charles Williams - I Cried All The Way Home
05. Paul Gayten - Needing Your Love
06. Edgar Blanchard - Lawdy Mama
07. Allen Brooks - Foolish Woman
08. Roland Cook - Tell Me Baby
09. Charles Williams - Rhythmatic Rhythm
10. Eddie Bo - Oh Oh
11. Roland Cook - Hear My Plea
12. Jimmy Swan - Little Fine Healthy Thing
13. Myles & Dupont - Heaven Or Heartbreak
14. Allen Brooks - Ding Dong Darling

Bob Mac

iggy said...

Thanks so much. You are very kind indeed. All good wishes,


Anonymous said...

Some rockin music here, thank you!

KingCake said...

Geeze...I have a huge collection of New Orleans stuff and even I have never seen this! Woo Hoo!!

Сергей Латышев said...

Wonderful! Whenever I want something old&sweet, and not just sweet - sweet and south ... and here - please! Thank You very-very much!