Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Billy Lee Riley - Sings The Blues

A1 Long Gone
A2 Come And Get It
A3 Saints
A4 Dark Muddy Bottom
A5 South Bound Train
A6 Flip Flop And Fly
A7 Red River
A8 Arkansas Traveller
A9 Willie's Tune
B1 Teenage Letter
B2 Memphis Blues
B3 A Little Piece At A Time
B4 Reposession Blues
B5 Shimmy Shimmy Walk
B6 Part Two
B7 Rollin' River
B8 Buster Theme
B9 Honey Girl



LakerCrazy said...

Thanks X...Sad to hear of the passing of Billy Lee Riley.I used to work with a Rockbilly band and they wanted to cover "Flyin’ Saucers Rock ‘N Roll" after hearing Robert Gordon's version.I found them the original Billy Lee Riley version...and they were knocked out. Whenever they played it...the crowd went crazy.Jump forward to a couple of years ago, I was walking into see Imelda May & Darrell Higham (her husband) play a show when I noticed a guy struggling to carry 3 guitar cases in the show.I offered a hand...and to make a long story short he was personally delivering 3 Classic Fenders that Darrell had bought from him in LA. This was Imelda's last show before heading back to Ireland so hence the delivery. Got to talking to the guy and discovered he used to own a studio in LA in '60's...everybody played there...he said the best guitar player he ever heard play wasn't James Burton...but a guy I probably had never heard of....Billy Lee Riley! Rest In Peace Billy, your music will live forever.

ELTON said...

Please Xyrus, RE-UP this album! Link is dead! Thanks in advance!

ELTON said...

Thank you Xyrus!! Love the music of Billy Lee Riley! Great blog, great music you share! All the best!

Nappyrags said...

Mucho thanks