Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Bob Starr - Stop This Energy Crisis (repost & upgrade)

 Stop This Energy Crisis 4:31
I'm A Gasoholic 5:51
You Can't Get To Heaven Shooting Dice 3:37
We've Got To Have Some Rent Control 3:39
I Did The Impossible 4:10
I'm The Price Fighter 4:22
Mr. Shoe Shine Man 2:58
Take This Gas Hog 4:14
The Flame From My Heart 3:47
The Space Girl 4:19



Rob F said...

Never thought I'd see a copy of this! Thank you for posting.

Gyro1966 said...

Thanks Xyros for all the great music you share here, I always appreciate it. What year in the 70's did this album come out? I have searched on the net and it doesn't give an exact year, maybe you know?

Xyros said...

@ Gyro 1966, like you I've never seen a year given for the release but I'd place it at 1973-74. Reason been that the oil embargo of 1973 was the first time the public really felt what it would be like if there was a shortage.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Thanks you very much for this unbelievably hard to find LP! According to the very reliable "Blues Discography 1970-2000" by Robert Ford, this session took place in Hollwood, Ca. in 1980

Xyros said...

Thank you Gerard for the info. Find it very hard though to place the session in 1980 due to the Energy Crisis subject. If I remember there was no energy crisis then and we had all forgotten about the 1973 oil embargo, still I'm certainly no expert on recording sessions etc.
Maybe HM remembers when he bought the LP?

Rob F said...

The LP wasn't released until 1980 so I think the energy crisis referred to is the one in 1979. Bob Starr also released a 45 in 1974 entitled 'This energy crisis is killing me' which was to do with the 1973 oil shortage (the 45 is included with one of Frits's compilations n this blog).

Gerard Herzhaft said...

In fact, Bob Starr (Carl Tate) recorded with the Gengis Kyle band a single in 1974 (This energy crisis is killing me/ One tank of gas) that confirms your hench. But this album "Stop this energy crisis" (Blue Power) was recorded in 1980. Still according to Robert Ford' Blues Discography

Rob F said...

Gerard is correct! I got the details from Bob Starr's self-published autobiography 'I'm in the Groove Man'.

Xyros said...

Thank you to Rob F and Geard for definitely clearing up the session date for Gyro1966 and me also.

Feilimid O'Broin said...

Thanks so much for this post and to GĂ©rard Herzhaft for the information regarding the date of the recording. I vividly remember the energy crisis and am so glad that someone commemorated it with the blues. I was unfortunate enough to have a girlfriend with whom I went to college who lived in a neighboring state and the first Summer of the crisis was truly miserable because of the long gas lines, empty gas pumps, extortionist gas prices, and the security locks folks were putting on their gas caps to prevent siphoning. Worse I was driving an ex-police car at the time that had a huge gas-eating engine. To conserve gas, I walked everywhere within a few miles and relied on public transportation for all travel other than to work. The crisis made me rethink my relationship with that strange substance form the bowels of the earth on which we had become so dependent. We had benefited from and taken cheap energy for granted for far too long.

Music is capable of evoking so many memories of episodes and people in our past who have become distant with the passage of time. If nothing else, it's great to listen to this and think, well, I got through that crisis which may have been minor compared with so much else that was happening in the world but definitely altered daily life for me. Of course, on a geopolitical level, it was the beginning of the Arab countries demanding that the developed world respect the true value of a major resource that it exported. And the rest is, as they say, history. Thanks again for the music and the musing.

Anonymous said...

please re up

rntcj said...


Thanx for the 2 Bob Starr re-ups. A "new" artist here = "new" hears here. Interesting conversation back in '15. Don't have many memories of Energy Crisis because wasn't driving & used public transit. Guess more of an impact in US than above 49th, eh?!

Ciao! For now.