Monday, January 1, 2018

Bob Starr - Soul Rhythm And Blues roots

Bob Starr's first LP from 1978.
Bob Starr and His All-Star Band deliver an album that is a mixture of early Soul, catchy R&B, transitional Blues and even some good old American Funk. The album's tracks jump all over that musical map and provide a unique look into a talented musician & singer. (Amoeba Music).



Gerard Herzhaft said...

As rare (or even rarer) than the other later Bob Starr's LP... Thank you very much for this very hard to find record

Xyros said...

Forgot to thank HM for ripping his LP for us.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

The backing band on this Bob Starr's LP is roughly the Ted Taylor's touring band from the early 60's with the great Wiley Terry on lead guitar (see
Bob Starr, vcl; Wiley Terry, g; Roland Mitchell, t-sax; Clyde Dunn, b-sax; Leroy Spells, bs; dms. Los Angeles, Ca. 1962
Thanks again for this very very rare LP...

muddyw123 said...

Xyros, you're running a gem store! TX for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanksss thanks for the new link

Anonymous said...

Thank You,
HM & Xyros
for the both Bob Starr albums
(from years 1978 & 1980).
May, please, God bless You both
during this, still fresh year 2018.
- Jay from North.