Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sonny Boy Williamson - The Last Sessions 1963

Another 99 copies only UK limited edtion bootleg with sessions recorded in Europe in 1963. This is the cover it came in and the back cover only has a tracklisting.

Bye Bye Bird
So Sad To Be Lonesome
Nine Below Zero
Keep It To Yourself
Milky White Way
Kindhearted Woman
Just A Dirty Story **
Keep It To Yourself *
You Gotta Mind *

* Two tracks not featuring Sonny Boy.
** Speechonly.

Willie Dixon (bass)
Matt Murphy (guitar)
Otis Spann (piano)
Billy Stepney (drum)
John Moment (vcl/hca)*


teekay said...


this looks good! there were a lot of these "99 issued only" LPs produced in UK - something to do with purchase tax or some other kind of tax I think.

LakerCrazy said...

Thanks For This Little Gem...They Had Some Heavyweights Playing On This Session!

Bob Mac said...

Just A Dirty Story cracked us up when we first heard it when this LP was first released. I remember playing it for the girlfriends of my pals and enjoying their shocked reactions.

Thanks for this latest batch and all the best for 2014.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot.

Alan Balfour said...

Yep Purchase Tax wasn't charged on any products under 99 units. It was replaced by VAT (Value Added Tax) which abolished the "loop hole".

I too have this LP. Does yours have the insert sheet? It was advertised in Blues Unlimited 111 (Dec/Jan 1974/5). This means that it was released long after the abolition Purchase Tax. I paid £2.49p for my copy.

Mississippi john Moment's two songs were recorded by Swedish Radio in Memphis, 24 May 1964. Two of Sony Boy's were from a Danish session of four songs.

Xyros said...

Thank you Alan for the extra info on the album. I bought my copy from Martin van Olderen in Amsterdam but can't remember the price. It came in a plain sleeve as seen in the photo with the tracks written on the back. Label is blueish with hand written label info. There was no insert with my copy.
Would it be possible to get a copy from you?

Marineband said...

@Alan Balfour and Xyros; is it possible to get a copy of the insert of this LP please and the back cover if it is at all possible?