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Monday, February 26, 2018

Frank Frost - Hey Boss Man! (Repost)

A1 Everything's Alright
A2 Lucky To Be Living
A3 Jelly Roll King
A4 Baby You're So Kind
A5 Gonna Make You Mine
A6 Now Twist
B1 Big Boss Man
B2 Jack's Jump
B3 So Tired Living By Myself
B4 Now What You Gonna Do
B5 Pocket Full Of Shells
B6 Just Come On Home



Xyros said...

Downloaded 215 times and this is the first comment ... ??????

Xyros said...

Downloaded 245 times and this is the second comment ... ??????

Anonymous said...

you rock. i've wanted this for ages.

Xyros said...

Wow a comment at last ...... glad you found it and hope it's what you expected.

Anonymous said...

thanks mang, looks good and vintage like...paz.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much indeed, I've search for this for a long time!

Anonymous said...

I have this album and searched for, (frank frost Hey Boss Man lp record) and there you were right at the top, with some cool info too. The tracks you have running are so awesome, it was fate. being long play records and having no turn table, my blues albums havent been used for a long time. I think its time I changed that!. Many many Thanx!

Anonymous said...

It's album Dude again. P.S. Your rips are a problem! There’s not enough of em. ;D
Don’t know if its legal but, can I link this page from another site???. I'm a newbie when it comes to the net, blogs, messeging, posts and stuff. Won’t do any thing till you say. Have saved ya in me faves as soon as I heard your tracks, so I’ll be popping in again soon.

Anonymous said...

thx for the music.
i made a tracklist :

01 - Everything's Alright
02 - Lucky To Be Living
03 - Jelly Roll King
04 - Baby, You're So Kind
05 - Gonna Make You Mine
06 - Now Twist
07 - Big Boss Man
08 - Jack's Jump
09 - So Tired Living By Myself
10 - Now What You Gonna Do
11 - Pocket Full Of Shells
12 - Just Come On Home

soulboy said...

nice set many many thanks the soulboy spain

geoavr said...

Thank you, sir.
Very nice blog.I put it in my favs...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are the BOSS MAN!!!

Mr_Crass said...

Thanks for posting this rarity.

KingCake said...

Thanks Xyros!

Nate Ness Monster said...

Thank you very much!!

KD said...

Download Link is Dead :(

nappyrags said...

I have this already...just wanted to say welcome back and hope you didn't get sunburned too badly

Raulo said...

Many thanks

Bill said...

Welcome back! And you brought us presents!!!

Anonymous said...

been frosty weather lately in North;
listening to Frank will melt the hearts
and bring some spring into this winter.
Thanks very much for the re-post of
one of the bossest albums to be find.
- Jay from North.

Xyros said...

@ Jay from North, always nice to see a new visitor to the blog. Enjoy the music and if a link is dead just ask for a re-up.