Saturday, December 21, 2013

Various - New York Wild Guitars - Bobby's Harlem Rock Vol.1

Raw soul and blistering blues from the Bobby Robinson family of labels of the early 60s – material pulled from rare singles on the Fire, Fury, and Enjoy label – and wrapped up here in a mighty sharp package that offers up 31 tracks in all! As the title promises, the guitars are pretty wild – really great bluesy riffs that step out on nearly all numbers – pushing the guitar lines with the kind of quality you'd later find in funk music, but which here comes across with a grittier, rootsier feel overall. Some cuts have the vocals in the lead, others really spotlight the guitar – and titles include "Cut & Dried" and "Scratchin" by Wild Jimmy Spruill, "Number 9 Train" and "Wildcat Tamer" by Tarheel Slim, "All My Life" and "Home Cookin" by Riff Ruffin and "Bow Wow" by Titus Tee Turner.

Thanks go to Frits for the rip of his LP.


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Doug said...

Thank you so much for this fantastic album!