Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Robert Pete Williams & Roosevelt Sykes - Blues From The Bottoms

A1 Gonna Stand No Quittin'
A2 Broken-Hearted Man
A3 Salty Woman
A4 Whiskey Head Man
B1 I'm The Sweet Root Man
B2 Spontaneous Conversation
B3 Lord, Help Poor Me
B4 Goodbye Fay And John



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this LP! Robert Pete Williams is one of my all time favorites!!

Ansina said...

I took this one and Santa Fe Blues. Many thanks!

Marc said...

Hello Xypros thanks a lot for this nice LP. Best wishes from Germany.

Xyros said...

Glad you liked it Marc.

Steffen said...

Thank you.

Xyros said...

Alan Balfour said...
Some years ago I scanned the 1971 liner notes for use by this enterprise see

(PS Thank you for abandoning that infuriating "validation" procedure)

Anonymous said...

Could you please reup ? thanks !