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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Frank Hovington - Lonesome Road Blues (re-post)

A1 Mean Old Frisco
A2 Gone With The Wind
A3 Lonesome Road Blues
A4 90 Going North
A5 Got No Lovin' Baby Now
A6 C.C. Blues
B1 Sing Sing Blues
B2 Who's Been Foolin' You
B3 I'm Talking 'Bout You
B4 John Henry
B5 Where Could I Go But To The Lord
B6 Blood Red River



Alan Balfour said...

For what it's worth, Bruce Bastin issued it on CD (Flyright CD66) in July 2000 plus extra tracks and reprint of his superb original liner notes.

Up until a couple of years ago it was still available in UK.

rezkallah said...

hi, the same was issued on LP in '77
or'78 by Rounder n°2017

Anonymous said...

Could you please reup ? thanks :)

Xyros said...

@ Dr. Oyster, unable to do reposts until I'm settled into our home. The way things are going it might take until "hell freezes over".

BDaD said...

@ Dr Oyster
Here is the link (originaly posted by Xyros)

Xyros said...

Thank you BDad for sharing the link and helping Dr. Oyster out.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Jorma again!
Is it possible with a reup of this one also. Thanks