Sunday, October 19, 2014

Willie Egan - Rocks, Rolls & Boogies

If ever an artist was undeserving of obscurity, it was Willie Lee Egan, a Louisiana rocker in the style of Fats Domino and Smiley Lewis. Until the early 1980’s, nobody seemed to know if he was still living, which is not surprising, since even during Willie’s heydays in 1955 -56 his excellent records were poorly distributed and although he never cracked the national R&B charts, he developed an unrivalled reputation around Los Angeles clubs as "the House Rocker" with a pounding right hand piano style such as Jerry Lee Lewis would later make famous. The long out of-print ground breaking records he recorded for the tiny Mambo / Vita label have become the stuff of legend and trade hands among collectors for hundreds of dollars apiece. Willie Egan is back in the house and the house is definitely rocking! - Borrowed from Amazon



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this beautiful recording..

Anonymous said...

rocking blues and rocks rolls and boogies albums are mixed up

did not bother me


Alan Balfour said...

For the record (pun not intended) In 1993 Jim Dawson wrote "The Willie Egan Story” for Discoveries magazine (issue 65, pps 38-39). A decade earlier Jim compiled and wrote the sleeve notes to Going Back to Louisiana (Ace CH 95, 1984).

Marineband said...

Thank you very much bro!