Thursday, March 16, 2017

Blind Joe Hill - First Chance

A1 Big Butt Woman 4:08
A2 Lickin' Gravy Baby 3:59
A3 Wake Me Up In The Morning
A4 Highway 13
A5 Darling, I Love You 4:48
A6 Blind Joe Special 2:15
B1 First Chance 6:52
B2 P.D. Blues 5:06
B3 I Can't Do What I Used To Do 4:45
B4 You Got Me Dizzy
B5 I'm Travellin' 4:13



Alan Balfour said...

At the end of the BJH discography Stefan has provided some nice reading matter/pics.

Anonymous said...

sound quality of this record is very bad (scratched) . Can you replace with better quality ?. thank you!

Xyros said...

I know there are 2-3 scratches/glitches on the record but it is not as bad as you say. If you would like a better quality rip I can't help you out but you can always spend 15 euro and buy your own LP.

Seven Echo said...

Thank you! I've been looking for this for ages. I had the LP. Joe gave it to me so I could learn his songs. My band backed him on a few gigs, he liked a band behind him so he could concentrate on singing.

Xyros said...

@ Seven Echo, that must have been a great experience to back Blind Joe. Also glad you get to hear the LP again.

Maple Blues said...

great service as always!! thnks!