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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Jimmy Reed - Let The Bossman Speak! (re-post)

There's simply no sound in the blues as easily digestible, accessible, instantly Cold Chills
Help Me At Dinnertime
Don't Cry
Jimmy's Hotpants
Don't Keep On Lyin'
Down In The Ghetto (Vocal)
Down In The Ghetto (Instr.)
I Had A Dream
You Just A Womper-Stomper
Bright Lights, Big City


Ruben Chandler said...

Love the review and the stories. Man, I had no idea! Thanks for the fun time!

Anonymous said...

even with all of the negative remarks, no one could come close to him as he played harp, guitar, sang and wrote most of his songs, may have not been the smartest man, but try and find anything better, like Jimmy Reed said, i dont play blues, i play Jimmy Reed, and i admire him for that, if you ever listen to the songs called, mary,mary or there'll be a day, you will see why he was the best ever~

Anonymous said...

I finally took the time to download this album . i have a copy myself , but it's in bad condition and i'm happy to find yours that sounds much better , thanks for that .
There's a little error in the tagging : track 8 : I had a dream is actually : You Just a Womper-Stomper .

I posted this one on my blog in march , if it's Ok for you i will delete my zippy link and add your link in the comment box .
Thanks , Marc

Anonymous said...

Have to contradict you here a bit.. sure Reed was a simple musician, usually totally plastered from bourbon too! ... but he is unique and a great song writer.. and I have heard many bands trying to play Reed songs ever since the 60s and actually very few can capture the strange and syncopated rhythm that he and his bands do.. most drummers overplay and get the feeling and intonation totallt wrong when they do his songs.. like someone said of Woody Guthrie " Any damn fool can be complicated but it takes a genius to be simple " !

Stuffy from Sweden

Anonymous said...

thanks for your kind re-posts of
Wilkins, Reed & Carolina-comp.
Remarkable waves of music.
- Jay from the North.