Saturday, April 18, 2015

Smokey Wilson - 88th. St. Blues

When Los Angeles-based guitarist Smokey Wilson really got serious about setting a full-fledged career as a bluesman in motion, it didn't take him long to astound the aficionados with an incendiary 1993 set for Bullseye Blues, Smoke n' Fire, that conjured up echoes of the Mississippi Delta of his youth.

Robert Lee Wilson lived and played the blues with Roosevelt "Booba" Barnes, Big Jack Johnson, Frank Frost, and other Mississippi stalwarts before relocating to L.A. in 1970 when he was 35 years old. But instead of grabbing for the gold as a touring entity, he opened the Pioneer Club in Watts, leading the house band and nobly booking the very best in blues talent (all-star attractions at the fabled joint included Joe Turner, Percy Mayfield, Pee Wee Crayton, Albert Collins, and plenty more).
Wilson recorded sparingly at first, his LPs for Big Town not doing the man justice. A 1983 set for Murray Brothers (recently reissued on Blind Pig) with harpist Rod Piazza and Hollywood Fats on rhythm guitar may have been the turning point; clearly, he was gearing up to leave his Mississippi mark on Southern California blues.
Smoke n' Fire and its 1995 encore, The Real Deal (a title now used for three contemporary blues albums in a year's time: John Primer and Buddy Guy have also claimed it), nominate Smokey Wilson as one of the hottest late-bloomers in the blues business.
Re-release some time ago on cd with 3 extra tracks.



Anonymous said...

thank you

goinsidemyhead said...

...Bag dude this rocks...knock down kick in the nuts bitch slapping good...this mean old nasty plastic loving ear biting world just got ass kicked and Tysonised....ain't nothing like a nice head start...can't wait till next month!

Red Neckerson said...

Killer Thanks for the introduction to Smokey!

Anonymous said...

In the late '90s I had the chance to see Smokey Wilson at a blues festival in downtown L.A. He and his band tore it up (ok I'll say it...He was smokin').
Thanks for sharing this!

Xyros said...

Glad you liked it Peacenik. Maybe I'll post his Bigtime lp's soon for you.