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Friday, May 5, 2017

Various - Collector's Blues Series vol. 3

What's the cat got to do with this lp? Well one of the artists is Little Maxie Bailey and when you Google Little Maxie it turns up hundreds of photos of these cats.
The lp came in a plain white sleeve with no info. I have another one vol. 7 but it's really more Doo Wop etc. This lp has only a couple of good blues tracks from Tulsa Red and Elmon Mickle and the rest are so so R&B to real crap from Todd Rhodes.
Take a gamble.


01 - Joe August - Boogie With Calypso
02 - Joe August - Strange Things Happen In The Dark
03 - Tulsa Red - Jam That Boogie
04 - Tulsa Red - Blues And Misery
05 - Elmon Mickle - Jackson Blues
06 - Lee Richardson - I'm Still In Love With You
07 - Little Willie Littlefield - Cheerful Baby
08 - Camille Howard - Money Blues
09 - Little Maxie Bailey - Brown Skin Woman Blues
10 - Little Maxie Bailey - Tear Drops Are Falling
11 - Bobby Prince - Please Give Me Your Love
12 - Bobby Prince - Too Many Keys
13 - Todd Rhodes And His Toddlers - Moonlight Blues
14 - Todd Rhodes And His Toddlers - Lonely Echoes


Gerard Herzhaft said...

Tulsa Red is Lowell fulson. Strange and rare compilation

Anonymous said...

Hi Sorry for ma bad english (I'm French) but please, please, please can you put a new link ? I'm so interresting for this album. Thanks a lot ! Julie

Xyros said...

I can't find the backup file so I will rip the LP again for you soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much very much :) :) :)