Zippyshare and VPN

I know that Zippyshare is a problem in a lot of countries but I'm sticking to it and for the following reasons:
1. large files can be uploaded
2. it's fast
3. no download limits
5. I can follow the number of downloads

The solution to your problem is to use free or paid VPN software extensions for your browser. I use TouchVPN for Chrome but there are plenty of other ones out there to choose from.
It's not rocket science and if you can download and listen to mp3's all day you are capable of using simple VPN extensions.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

O.W. Brown - I'll Be Home After 'While

A1 The Truth Will Catch a Lie 2:17
A2 No More Than His Children Can Bear 4:33
A3 Story Teller 2:27
A4 When Spring Comes 2:50
A5 My Heart's Almost Gone 2:14
A6 Way Over There 3:30
B1 Hope It Never Happens To You 3:00
B2 I Can't Get Enough 2:45
B3 Come And Join The Army 2:17
B4 How Can You Forget Him 3:20
B5 By The Riverside 2:23
B6 I'll Be Home After 'While 2:30

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