Saturday, November 28, 2015

Elmore James - Got To Move

Nice old Charly Lp that we used to kill for. Tracks on this lp cover the period 1952-63 with most of them from the early 60's. More than likely everything has since been rereleased in better quality.



barak said...

Thank you.
You say you like jimi better than elmoe? Now me there aint no guiter player I like more than elmore james.

Ansina said...

Many thanks. I have this LP in a very poor condition and it's not one that appears often in the web.

Bob Mac said...

When I was first on my big voyage of discovery of blues back in the 1960s I think it was Elmore James who made the biggest impact on me. I'll never forget hearing him for the first time, I had no idea whatsoever of how he sounded, and put the record on the turntable and down came the needle and out blasted the rawest, most exuberant music I had ever heard.