Saturday, November 28, 2015

Johnny Otis - Rock 'n Roll Hit Parade

 Originally released  in 1957 on Johnny Otis's Dig label. TheLP centered around the Jayos, a group assembled by Otis that at times included Richard Berry, Jesse Belvin, Mel Williams, Arthur "Lee" Mayes (a future Major Leaguer), Harold Lewis, Sonny Moore, Tony Allen, and others. Nobody brought anything resembling an original song to these sessions; practically all the tunes are remakes or, in some instances, covers, and even the few that aren't sound like something you heard before by someone else. But if enjoy good music, regardless of who came first, you'll find this to be a fine collection of '50s R&B/doo wop. (Allmusic - Andrew Hamilton) Original review of the 24 track CD heavily edited.



heylee said...

Thank you for sharing all things,Johnny Otis...appreciated.

Jan V said...

Thank you for this album.

Anonymous said...

for me some tunes are better than the originals!'cf earth angel!

Xyros said...

Glad you all liked this album and maybe there will be some more Johnny Otis in the future.