Friday, March 18, 2016

George "Harmonica" Smith - Boogie'n With George

A1 Sunbird
A2 Going Down Slow
A3 Chicago City
A4 44
A5 Peg O' My Heart 3:05

B1 Astatic Stomp
B2 Manish Boy
B3 Bad Start
B4 Boogie'n With George
B5 I Left My Heart



ramson said...

Two tracks not on cd!!!, I want to note.

I downloaded this one on 2010, strange thing I don't gave my gratitude!.
Anyway almost never it's too late: THANKS, THANKS, THANKS.

Xyros said...

@ ransom, you have a good memory as it was posted back in 2010. You did leave a comment mentioning the 2 extra tracks back then. Appreciate the comments and that you enjoy the music..