Friday, June 3, 2016

Lynn White - Blues In My Bedroom

Breaking Up Somebody's Home 3:25
Anyway The Wind Blow 3:21
Down On Me 4:55
Part Time Love 3:18
I Don't Ever Wanna See Your Face Again 5:00
Giving It All I Got 2:55
Blues In My Bedroom 4:59
You Gonna Make Me Cry 4:25
If You Can't Come Home For Christmas

Thank you KansasJoe


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Roberto Ferrari said...

Thanks a lot!!!

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Superb album and such a great lady singer. I met Lynn when she was selling records in the shop of her future husband, Ike Darby, at Mobile, Alabama. She was a young girl and I had never heard of her before. I just walked in the record shop situated in the black neighbourhood as I did frequently and asked about some new bues records. She just told me: "You want blues records? Here are mine"! And I bought her Darby 45s with the magnificent "Blues in my bedroom"... She made subsequently many records, less blues than Southern Soul but generally of a high artistic level. After the death of her husband, Ike Darby,she quit singing the blues and soul and took a major place in a Southern Congregation

Xyros said...

Many thanks Gerard for sharing your persnal experiences meeting Lynn White.