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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

VA - Blues Box 1 1934-40

The tracklisting for this 4 lp box set is to long to place on the blog but you can find it at:
a site always worthwhile visiting if you need a discography of an artist or label.

Disc 1:
Disc 2:
Disc 3:
Disc 4:
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teekay said...

Looks good - a lot of titles not easily available elsewhere. roll on Box 2

BluzBug said...

Great find!!! Can't wait for Box 2!!
Thanks .... Bluz

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great set...some rare things here I haven't seen/heard elsewhere. Cheers!

BLUES BOX 1: 64 Rare Blues Recorded 1934-1940
Disc 1:
1. Shake That Thing – Kokomo Arnold
2. The Death Of Walter Barnes – Baby Doo
3. Motherless Boy Blues – Scrapper Blackwell
4. Texas Stomp – Dot Rice & Frankie Black
5. Trouble Trouble Blues – Son Bonds
6. I’m Going To Cincinnati – Walter Coleman
7. Smack That Thing – Walter Coleman
8. The Girl I Left Behind – Blind Blues Darby
9. Bleeding Heart Blues – Bumble Bee Slim
10. I Ain’t No Iceman – Cow Cow Davenport
11. Railroad Blues – Cow Cow Davenport
12. W-P-A Blues – Big Teddy Boy Edwards
13. Louisiana – Big Teddy Boy Edwards
14. Stingy Mama – Blind Boy Fuller
15. Working Man Blues – Blind Boy Fuller
16. Natchez Fire – Gene Gilmore

BLUES BOX 1: 64 Rare Blues Recorded 1934-1940
Disc 2:
1. Pains In My Heart – Bill Gaither
2. In The Wee Wee Hours – Bill Gaither
3. Graveyard Blues – Jimmie Gordon
4. Sweet Jelly Rollin’ – Jimmie Gordon
5. Baby Don’t You Tear My Clothes – The Harlem Hamfats
6. Let Me Feel It – The Harlem Hamfats
7. Boogie Woogie – Honey Hill
8. Set ‘Em – Honey Hill
9. Stingaree Mama Blues – Springback James
10. Rusty Can Blues – Springback James
11. Flood Water Blues – Lonnie Johnson
12. Blue Ghost Blues – Lonnie Johnson
13. Peepin’ At The Risin’ Sun – Signifying Mary Johnson
14. Black Gal Blues – Mary Johnson
15. Candy Man Blues – Charlie McCoy
16. Baltimore Blues – Charlie McCoy

BLUES BOX 1: 64 Rare Blues Recorded 1934-1940
Disc 3:
1. I Got To Have A Little More – Joe McCoy
2. Please Baby – Joe McCoy
3. Gonna Keep It For Me Daddy – Robert Lee McCoy
4. Mama Don’t Allow Me To Stay Out All Night Long – Robert Lee McCoy
5. People People – Charlie McFadden
6. 44 Blues - Leothus “Lee” Green
7. Mercy Mercy Blues – Barrel House Buck McFarland
8. Weeping Willow Blues – Barrel House Buck McFarland
9. Central Limited Blues – Arthur McKay
10. She Squeezed My Lemon – Arthur McKay
11. Let Me Play With Your Yo-Yo – Blind Willie McTell
12. Ticket Agent Blues – Blind Willie McTell
13. Telephone Blues – Alice Moore
14. Don’t Deny Me Baby – Alice Moore
15. The Death Of Slim Green – Shorty Bob Parker
16. So Cold In China – Shorty Bob Parker

BLUES BOX 1: 64 Rare Blues Recorded 1934-1940
Disc 4:
1. Crazy ‘Bout My Black Gal – Charlie Pickett
2. Trembling Blues – Charlie Pickett
3. Detroit Special – Red Nelson
4. Streamline Train – Red Nelson
5. Slocum Blues – Sloke And Ike
6. Chocolate Candy Blues – Sloke And Ike
7. Hard Working Woman – Johnnie Strauss
8. Soft And Mellow – Roosevelt Sykes
9. Louise Louise Blues – Johnny Temple
10. Whiskey And Woman – Black Ace
11. Oh Lawdy Mama – Curley Weaver
12. These Times – Peetie Wheatstraw
13. Daddy Let Me Lay It On You – Georgia White
14. Dead Man’s Blues – Georgia White
15. Evil Hearted Woman Blues – Oscar Woods
16. Don’t Sell It, Don’t Give It Away – Oscar Woods

Anonymous said...

Good music.!
looking forward Box2

Prairie Hick said...

I love this stuff. Thanks very much Xyros

Anonymous said...

Thanks again!
This page has full details including track personnel, dates, and track times:

Franck Goldwasser said...

"The tracklisting for this 4 lp box set is to long to place on the blog"--- What exactly does this mean? Or did you mean "too long to place on the blog"? That would make more sense. Thanks for everything.

Skinnymon said...

I'm going to go with the theory that Xyros knew what he meant when he wrote the comment back in 2011. :D

Thank you for the repost, Xyros!

Xyros said...

@ Skinnymon, I wouldn't bet on it. Should have deleted it before re-posting.