Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bob Riedy Band - Lake Michigan Ain't No River

My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble
House Rock
Walking By Myself
Slick Chick
Sloppy Drunk
Keep On Looking
Have You Ever
Dust My Broom
Reconsider Baby
I Don't Know Why
Chicken Shack
Mandolin Boogie
Johnny's Jump
Pig Ear Rag

Thanks go to KansasJoe


Anonymous said...

I saw Bob Riedy's band back in 76 at biddy Mulligan's in Chicago...brings back a lot of memories...thanks a lot...

Bob Mac said...

Brings back a lot of memories for me too. I had this LP, along with the other Bob Riedy Band releases. I was corresponding with Bob during the mid 1970s. Back in the old days long before email we were writing lengthy letters to each other as I was involved in blues research and Bob had such good connections with Chicago bluesmen. He was a very helpful guy and sent me lots of promotional material...posters, flyers, photos.

boogieman said...

Another one I haven't heard for a very long time. Thanks a lot Xyros.

Nick said...

Thank you very much!