Sunday, March 26, 2017

Carter Brothers - Blues On Tour

CD 1:
1 Do The Flo Show
2 Southern Country Boy (Full Length Master)
3 Booze In The Bottle
4 Stop Talking In Your Sleep
5 I've Been Mistreated (For Five Long Years)
6 I Don't Care
7 Booby Trap Baby
8 (She's So Fine) So Glad He's Mine
9 Don't Pitty Me
10 Blues On Tour (Parts 1 & 2)
11 Why Baby Why (Part 1)
12 Why Baby Why (Part 2)
13 Queen Bee
14 There's Trouble Brewin'
15 What You Say Big Mama
16 Roast Possum

CD 2:
1 Carter's Pills (Instrumental) (Take 1)
2 Sucker Of Circumstances
3 Wonderful Girl
4 Anything For You Baby
5 Get It Together
6 Wrong Number
7 You Don't Know
8 Just Consider Yourself Baby
9 I Feel Alright
10 I Woke Up Smilin'
11 Hey It's Alright
12 Cheatin' Woman
13 Blues Brothers (Instrumental)
14 Booze In The Bottle (Overdub Take 1)
15 Booby Trap Baby (Take 1)
16 Stop Talking In Your Sleep (Take 2)
17 Booby Trap Baby (Take 2)
18 (She's So Fine) So Glad She's Mine (Take 1)
19 Southern Country Boy (Take Unknown)
20 Cheatin' Woman (Take Unknown)


Ballas said...

Excellent post. Thank you very much.

Bob Mac said...

Many thanks for this latest batch Xyros, also thanks to Hartmut for another collection of his singles. Interesting photo on the cover of the Carter Brothers with Roman Carter playing a Harmony bass. There must have been hundreds of thousands of those H22 basses sold around the world. They were dirt cheap, only had 1 pup, but gave a great tone.

Anonymous said...

wow that's quick - thanx man - the sun is shining here - how can this week go wrong? Love ya X