Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Rockin' Sydney - Joy To The South

A1 The Titty Waltz 3:20
A2 Just Like A Hog 3:13
A3 Lonesome For My Baby 3:00
A4 Rock And Roll Me Baby 3:29
A5 Zydeco Jambilee 2:51
A6 I Got The Blues For My Baby 3:36
B1 Joy To The South 4:06
B2 Welfare Cadillac 4:33
B3 Don't Play With That (That's Mine) 3:27
B4 Koochie Koochie 2:33
B5 Two Step The Zydeco 3:21
B6 Skin And Ivory 3:46


BobCat said...

Thank you so much for posting this - brought joy to the south (of England)!

jdogg said...

Link is dead. Please re-up. Thanks.

muddyw123 said...

Nice One To Start My Day! TX!