Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Snatch & The Poontangs - For Adults Only

A1 The Signifyin' Monkey (Part 1)
A2 The Signifyin' Monkey (Part 2)
A3 That's Life
A4 The Great Stack-A-Lee
A5 The Pissed-Off Cowboy
B1 Hey Shine
B2 Two-Time Slim
B3 Big John Jeeter
B4 Two Girls In Love (With Each Other)



Anonymous said...

This is great ! It´s the Johnny Otis show in disguise... explicit lyrics ! Thank you now I don´t have to put on my vinyl when I´m too lazy..

Bob Mac said...

This is a great fun album and highly recommended for a good laugh. It is the Johnny Otis show and Delmar "Mighty Mouth" Evans rules these sessions with his wit and fine singing, also some excellent guitar from Shuggie Otis.

Skinnymon said...

This sounded familiar to me, and I realized I had it with its original (this one is an alternate release) cover- it's easy to see on Discogs- which looks like it was drawn by R. Crumb, but it actually was drawn by Johnny Otis hisself! :)

Xyros said...

Discogs gives this version as an American release but it is in fact a UK release. Flyright also released the lp with yet another cover but with the same labels and catalog number as this lp. On this version there is no mention of it been a Flyright release on the cover. My guess is that it might be an earlier version from Flyright but this based on nothing.

Bob Mac said...

I remember when this was first released and I saw the ads for it in Living Blues & Blues Unlimited. It had the cartoon cover that Skinnymon mentions, that looked like R. Crumb artwork. I'd never seen the cover on this copy posted here before and my hunch is this was a boot. There were loads of boots with ultra cheap covers coming out of England back then.

Xyros said...

The posted version has a standard quality UK cover from that period. I've compared the Discogs scan of this LP to the scan of the Flyright label and they seem to be the same.
Whatever it is it's great fun to listen to.

Jonathan F. King said...

So this is where "Hey Shine" comes from? Have a cassette tape of it mixed in with a bunch of other unidentified stuff, and have always wondered about its provenance.