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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Various - Last But Not Least - Blues Via 728 Texas

(Houston Town (Buddy Ace – Paula 343) / Stoop Down (Cash McCall – Ronn 76) / Tia Juana (Ray Agee – Jewel Unissued / Shirley 108?) / Everybody Don't Know About My Good Thing – Part 1 (Brende George - Ronn 60) / The Thril Ain’t Gone (Alex Williams & The Mustang – Jewel 812 / Soultrak 5145) / Tell Me The Truth (Jay Jay Taylor – Dynamite 8665) / Talk It Over One More Time (Roy Brown – Jewel / Chess Unissued) / Raining In My Heart (Peppermint Harris – Jewel 762 alternate take) / Bad Affair (Big Mac – Jewel 787) / Impeach Me Baby (Arlene Brown & Lee "Shot" Williams – Dynamite 8664) / I've Been Up On The Mountain (Joe Turner – Ronn 28) / Bowlegged Woman, Knock-Kneed Man (Bobby Rush – Part 1 – Jewel 834 / On Top 2001) / In A Recording Session - Booty Trap Baby (The Carter Brothers - Take 1-6))


12vjoe said...

Loving this comp - thanks very much.

Bill S. said...

Downloading this now. This looks like a GREAT collection. You can never get enough blues/soul/R&B from Stan Lewis's family of labels from Shreveport! Many thanks!

AlexBluesSoul said...

Thank you!