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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hi-Tide Harris - Nice & Hi!

1 Voo Doo Gambler 4:09
2 Sweet Sixteen 4:49
3 The Right To Be Loved 4:29
4 Wild About You Baby 3:41
5 I Miss You So 4:55
6 Pledging My Love 4:23
7 You Don't Have To Go 3:48
8 The Lady's Tattoo 2:38
9 I'm On My Way To L.A. 4:19
10 South Central Shuffle 7:17
11 Baby Please Don't Go 3:14
12 Home At Last 3:39
13 Pleading For Love 3:46

Thanks go to Bob Mac for sharing this one.


soulpapa said...

Thanks! He's all new to me!

Xyros said...

@ Soulpapa, Hi-Tide seems to be an underrated artist even though he made the crossover to John Mayall in the 70's. I've posted, as far as I know, everything except his CD Baby Cd download.

Ballas said...

Thank you very much Bob Mac.

pino said...

Thank you ..!!

Bob Mac said...

@Xyros. He was big news back in the mid 1970s, playing alongside heavy hitters like Charlie Musselwhite, John Mayall, Larry Taylor. Then he went to Japan and pretty well vanished overnight from the international blues scene. Guess he met and fell in love with a Japanese gal and decided to make a new home and life there.

Bob Mac said...

@Xyros. Just when I thought we had located all the Hi Tide Harris albums I see there's another one. I wonder if we can track this one down.

Hi Tide Harris - The Hey Day Of Hi Tide Harris (TEZU Records 0002)
Recorded in the 1980s

The Gentlemen's Blues - Great Googa Mooga - Happy Landing - Feel So Fine - Tanya - A Wet Dream Blues (Muse Blues) - Betty & Dupree - The Emperor's Blues - Operator - Stomping On Maxwell Street - Shirley Bee - Conversation.

Hi Tide Harris : guitar, vocals. "Bishop" Norman Williams : alto sax. Dave Smith : alto sax, flute. Mike Marcus : baritone sax. Sonny Lewis, Vince Wallace : tenor sax. Warren Gale, Al Malina, Harold "Pudgy" Attaberry : trumpet. Tricky Lofton : trombone. J.J. Malone, Stew Blank : piano. Ron Tompson : guitar. Steve Gomes, Bob Klein : bass. Lamont Scott, Shigeru "C-Chan" Inue : drums. J.C. : drums.

Xyros said...

Bob Mac, this one I've never seen or heard of before and it looks interesting.
Coming 2 weeks I'm lazing around on a beach and recuperating on a sunny terras and I hope that when I get back you have a nice surprise for me.

Bob Mac said...

Xyros. I've been doing some research on Hi Tide Harris.

"Slow Down Baby" & "My Conscience Is Bothering Me" (Sea Side #9555-0110) Recorded at San Francisco, California In 1965.
4 Tracks: "Messaround", Charlie Stone", "Tipitina" & "Never Will Forget Your Love" on the Blue Bay LP (Messaround Records 001) 1976.

Also appears with Paul Jackson & Marty Bracey on the album "Black Music from Jirokichi" (P-Vine Records PCD - 5708) Released in Japan in 1996
And there is another album titled "HiTide Harris Blues Band" - I can't find any info on this album and don't know which lable it came out on but I do have a small image of the cover, so it does exist.

Bob Mac said...

@Xyros: I managed to track down a copy of The Hey Day Of Hi Tide Harris (TEZU Records 0002) Maple Blues kindly posted it for us @160kbps. You can find it in HGR Basement.

I now have a copy of the Seaside 45 (from Gerard)

So now searching for the other 2 albums.

Xyros said...

2 Bob Mac, thanks for the nice vacation surprise. Hope you also have success finding the other 2 lp's.