Sunday, October 1, 2017

Various - The Rural Blues Vol. 1-3

KansasJoe rip

NMR, thanks go to the original ripper

KansasJoe rip


Skinnymon said...

Thank you much for Vol. 3- I had 1 & 2, but somehow not 3. (The mice in my external drive must have eaten it!) :)

Frank Inzani said...

Thanks for these, must dig out my copies of Urban Blues.

Thanks also for all the other great posts.

Bill said...

Great set. Thanks!

Daddy Cool said...

Thanks for these. I bought the LPs when they came out in 1968 (way back). What I never knew about at the time was LP-94007 - Legendary Masters: Gospel Music, Volume 1 - apparently US only and never issued on CD. Does anyone have a copy that they could share, please.

Roffe said...

Thanks for these great albums. Have them somewhere, but haven't listened to them for ages.

Silvio said...

wonderful, thanks